Friday, November 22, 2013

THROWBACK: Koh Samui (2005)

I found this in my livejournal (WHO KNEW MY LIVEJOURNAL WAS STILL UP!) and this definitely needs to be preserved.

I give to you, my blogpost of circa 2005. Setting: Koh Samui, high school senior trip with the girls. The below is purely written by 18 year old me. ENJOY!


animations a la burger king

did u kno that koh samui had a burger king??!? and that it opened until 4 am?!?!? makes u wonder why it's there in the first also makes u wonder: wth are we doing there at 2 in the morning???

stephu danced

then ashley went gangsta

then i went into special-ed-mode

and then stephu died

#5 things that Steph says reminds her of me slash wants me to post on my blog:

2. The movie The Beach, cuz it's the first movie I watched without my parents (i think) and it was you, me, jazi, marc, dennis, and....someone else? hoon? forgot.

3. 1:00am cuz it's when we get HAPPY

4. Sarcastic. Does this even need an explaination?


6. You remind me of a polar gear :)

7. Can you imagine life without Grace?

hey guys! (by guys i mean stephu + ash) remember the first nite, when we were out by the pool watching the stars and then the thunder and clouds? that was beautiful. wut a beautiful way to treat my "hangover". i felt like i was on fire but the water calmed me down and the skies made me peaceful. if anything, i wanna do that again. we should've taken a picture.
the song made me think of that moment


Thus ends my 2005 blogpost. The best part about this was my 2005 comments that I got. (FYI, I still to this day have no idea who is bougieman).

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Internal Travelogue

Okay, so it's been almost a month since I started this whole travel vlog thing. To be honest, I have my doubts and my fears about it. In my head, I go through an emotional roller-coaster almost on a daily basis now because of the vlog. I mean, I'm not naive. I know how much work and time I'm going to have to invest in this. Here are just some of my worries:

Is this a joke?
Am  I just kidding myself? Is this something that is going to die out in a couple of months or years and become something I look back on and scoff "ha, remember when I thought I could be a travel vlogger?".

Would people actually like it?
Aside from my close friends and family giving me praise about it, how would strangers feel about it? Would they think I'm just a lame person with too much time and too easy of an access to Final Cut and a camera?

Will I run out of steam?
Again, I realize how much time and effort this project will need but as of right now, it's giving me so much motivation. It brightens up my day...but will I lose steam 2 or 3 months down the road? Will it stop being fun and become work???

In order to stay sane, I gave myself 2 years. Commit myself to this for at least 2 years and see where it goes. This calms me down a little because I realize that no blog is an overnight success. I shouldn't freak out on the low turn-around rates I have so far. I should just keep pushing on.  I mean, I currently have 107 twitter follwers. That's pretty good for just starting up 4 weeks right? This timeline serves as a reminder to be patient, stick with it, and not be too hard on myself.

I also do realize that I'm not going to make a living off of this blog. More often than not, travel vlogs don't turn around a significant profit. This is fine with me because I'm not trying to pursue this as an alternative career. This vlog, to me, is much more personal than that. I mean, I don't mind juggling a day job and Without a License. If I get paid vacations out of it, that will just be a bonus. If I make enough out of the blog that I don't have to work? That'll be another bonus. Hey! Who knows what's going to happen right? Let's see what happens in 2 years :)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Travelling Without a License

I don't have a driver's license. I never learned how to drive and quite frankly, the thought of driving scares me now. Actually, any thought of me operating heavy machinery is frightening...I think using a food processor is the limit when it comes to mechanics for me.

I'm saying this because I have decided to pursue my dream of being the next Samantha Brown.

If you don't know who this is, she is/was basically the face of the Travel Channel before they started focusing on paranormal programs (seriously? the Dead Files?). I remember watching her shows (Passport to Europe, Passport to Latin America, etc) even in Taiwan.

Get paid to travel and tell people where to go? LOVE IT! It was basically a yelp reviewer on camera before there was even yelp.

Anyways, I decided to make a start by filming (and editting) 3 minute travel videos. I mean, even though technically I do live in New York and it's not actually a vacation, I can still give insight on where to go and what to eat, right?

Being without a car  (or the ability to drive one) definitely has some disadvantages. As in, I'm limited to where planes/trains/subways/taxis/boats can take me so I'm going to advise on the videos how to get around. I mean, sometimes you go to a new destination WITHOUT renting a car. It's good to know! is hosting my travel videos and hopefully, with enough videos under my belt, I can be one of their tripvloggers and go on paid assignments. Who knows?! The world is my oyster!

Follow my travel blog for episodes and future tips/tricks that I might discover on my adventure!